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Consultant Breast Onco-plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

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Surgery Cost

Mr Andrew Yelland is a highly experienced Onco-Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

If you decide to proceed with surgery Mr Yelland will perform the procedure at one of the Devon area's most respected hospitals, and he will look after you during your recovery, overseeing your care and addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

The undermentioned figures include Mr Yelland's surgical fee, anaesthetic fees, hospital charges including drugs, medication and dressings and the initial post-operative consultation.

Current procedure charges at Mount Stuart.

Payment (if paying by personal cheque) should be made at least seven days prior to admission date. Payment with a credit/debit card can be made the day before admission. Payment by bankers draft, building society or cheques are acceptable.

The cost would only change should a longer stay in hospital be indicated at initial consultation or the procedure be slightly more complex and Mr Yelland would advise regarding this at the first consultation.

Taking the next step

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