Ultrasonic Instrument Used in Rhinoplasty

October 30, 2011

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Surgeons performing cosmetic rhinoplasty may get better procedure results by using an ultrasonic bone aspirator instead of conventional tools to remove bone without damage to surrounding soft tissue or mucous membranes.

According to a report published in the September issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery quoted by Science Daily, the device using sound waves was used on 103 patients undergoing cosmetic rhinoplasty. The ultrasonic aspirator, which allows precise, graded removal of bone, performed well both in conventional procedures, as well as in refinement of subtle irregularities and asymmetry of the nasal bones. Injuries to skin and soft tissue were not experienced by any study participants.

The study claims that the ultrasonic bone aspirator can perform better where other tools for rhinoplasty, such as bone saws, carbide rasps and power-assisted rasps, present limitations that can decrease their usefulness. For example, the tools may cause deformities, damage surrounding structures and tissue, prove difficult to use in addressing mobile bone fragments or obstruct direct visualization.

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