Rise in UK Cosmetic Surgical Procedures

November 28, 2011

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More and more Britons have cosmetic surgical procedures on their Christmas wish lists.

According to UK cosmetic surgeons, in recent years, the holiday season has been seeing an increase in the number of the people undergoing cosmetic surgery treatments.

Figures from last Christmas show a staggering 45% rise in the number of people enquiring about cosmetic surgery at the beginning of the holiday period.

The lead procedure of this trend was breast augmentation that accounted for a dramatically 55% increase in the procedures performed during the month of November 2010.

With the upcoming Christmas parties in mind, many women and an increasing number of men are looking to improve their appearance and put forward a smooth face.

In the last months of 2010, cosmetic surgeries across the UK have witnessed a 65% rise in the number of people enquiring about wrinkle relaxing injections, 43% increase in other cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening and 32% more enquiries about lip enhancement procedures.

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