In Fashion – a nose like mine

February 23, 2012

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According to a recent article on rhinoplasty trends in The Inquirer, more and more patients who undergo surgery expect they come out of it looking like themselves.

"They don't want to look like they had their nose done," says Robert Glasgold, a facial plastic surgeon in Highland Park, N.J.

The crooked nose – once the ideal appearance – is now limited to a stereotypical clientele of young girls who get nose jobs for their Sweet Sixteen.

In fact many patients go back under the knife because they are unhappy with the slight tilt to the tip of the nose that alters their physical and psychological identity.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 252,000 people had rhinoplasties in 2010. Of those, 25% were men and 57% were over age 29. Ethnic minorities accounted for 29%, up from 14 percent in 2000.

Some surgeons have developed a specialty in "ethnic rhinoplasty," preserving the signature look of a patient's heritage while reshaping his or her nose.

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