eMatrix Expression Perfection

October 22, 2011

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More and more people are looking for Botox alternatives to facial rejuvenation non-surgical procedures. According to Cosmetic Surgery Today, the newest arrival in its class is eMatrix's Expression Perfection - a treatment that works deep down into the face tissue to naturally stimulate the growth of healthy new collagen from the inside out.

eMatrix works by delivering bi-polar radio frequency energy to create a fractional pattern of small wounds on the skin. This thermal damage stimulates the body's natural healing process, encouraging the development of new collagen that makes the skin look tighter, smoother and youthful.

While fractional laser resurfacing devices remove a column of tissue within the skin, eMatrix removes a teardrop-shaped area. This limits the damage to the outer layer of the skin and makes the healing process faster.

The treatment is fast, easy and tolerable for the patient. For best results, patients require three treatment sessions, four to six weeks apart, with no long-term maintenance necessary afterwards.

Patients will experience redness in the treated area that usually subsides in about an hour. The following day they ma observe fine dots on the skin that will fade away 3-5 days. Post treatment skin will be instantly tighter, with pores appearing less enlarged. The full benefits are achieved after 60 days due to the gradual re-growth of collagen and overall skin healing process.

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